September 19, 2014


Ancient Latvian Wizdom exhibition opening at 12 noon on Saturday, 20th September in the Rucka Mansion, C─ôsis, Latvia. For information (in Latvian) and images please visit:

April 22, 2013


Dear Everybody,

I am going on a one year holiday to explore other parts of our wonderful world and reality! I will not be updating this blog or during this time, but feel free to stay in touch and enjoy the rest of my artwork on!

Live, love & learn!

January 26, 2013

Happy New Year! Here's to Individuality and Identity!

Congratulations! It is the beginning of a new year! The official ancient Latvian beginning of the year is the 6th of February which falls in with the western astrological sign of Aquarius. This sign is the archetype for originality, idealism and the new age.

The currently icy climate is the perfect reminder of our current attitudes and dispositions. The world quite literally looks like a blank canvas onto which we can project anything we desire. It is time to start thinking about what grounds to cultivate and what seeds to sow. During the long, dark evenings we can dedicate time to ideas as they hold a lot of weight right now and we are in tune with our spirit and inner values. The cold makes people come together to warm up and share warmth. Staying in is in and so are warm beverages shared among friends.

I've been offline for some time now, during which I have spent a lot of time reflecting  and recreating my reality. I believe it is very important to be able to reinvent oneself when the time is right and this brings us to the matter of individuality and identity.

Individuality vs. Identity

Seemingly these two words have a very similar definition. How I see it, there are very subtle differences between these two words and concepts, but choosing which one to follow in the long run makes a world of difference to one's overall being.

 Identity is what we identify with. Individuality is what makes us individual.

Identity lives in the realm of thoughts and emotions. It is to do with self definition, presentation and appearance. Identity is rather solid by nature. It consists of labels, traits, and concepts. It means wanting to be a certain way and wanting to be seen a certain way.

Individuality lives in the realm of heart and deep feeling. It is to do with dreams and the spirit world. These are elusive and talk to us in mysterious ways. We cannot define that which has no boundaries - and in this instance 'that' is one's individuality. It means giving in to the ever-changing expansive nature of heart's true desires.

Whereas identity is the visible part of individuality which we are aware of and present to others, individuality is the vast and mysterious universe which lives within each one of us and expresses itself in incomparable ways. Identity seeks the safety provided by confinement. Individuality follows the ever expanding path of heart.

One finds their individuality by giving in to the heart. An identity will emerge on it's own accord and should be of less concern than finding the time to immerse oneself in the deepest of dreams. This will lead to true originality and personally, I see no point in mimicking that of someone else!

True originality is unique, compassionate and abundant in ideas. True originality is a continual process of renewal, of refining one's individuality. When it comes to individuality there is no such thing as being done and there is no better time to start than now.

It's 2013 and I root for individuality!

July 23, 2012

Ancient Latvian Colouring Book "Bear's Claw"

The ancient Latvian themed colouring book "Bear's Claw" is finally here! This is an A4 paperback with 32 pages of fun. There are plenty of intricate illustrations, interactive artistic activities and light reading material based on ancient Latvian culture and the visual language which defines it.

Currently it is available only in Latvian, but if funding happens to happen it will be available in English before the end of the year.

The book is available to purchase in selected shops in Latvia as well as online:

For more information, please contact Anna:

March 1, 2012

Thank You!

I'd like to say thank you for the lovely comments, messages and emails I have received in relation to this blog. It makes my day every time! I do believe that the ancient Latvian culture holds treasures which can be of great benefit to people from all over the world and Latvians alike. Sadly, it is the latter which is most difficult to convince, but that's just how it goes. I know that for me it feels good to honour and work with the things I believe in and I wish everyone to feel good too, in an integrated meaning, through living a wholesome life.

February 24, 2012

Dissipated Thoughts on Spiritual Intelligence

I would like to say a few words about wisdom, knowledge and intellect as such. Thank you again to my friends who continue to support and expand on these ideas.

When dealing with ancient Latvian material weather it's old song texts or archeological finds we are faced with a visual and verbal language which is very much the same in our culture today, however what has changed most over the past thousand years is the mentality, which stems from some of the most basic values.

A thousand years ago great value was placed on an individual's spiritual wellbeing. The emphasis on the spirit, or essence of people, animals, plants, entities was what created the world view of our ancestors which they expressed through creative means. For any of the songs or ornaments to have significance, one must obtain this world view, if only for a short period of time.

As well as personally putting value on soulful matters, ripeness of spirit was celebrated in rituals and rites of passage. Today we don't have that. As a result people suffer from low self esteem - a weak spirit - because the spirit is no longer honoured. And how can you honour the physical when you don't honour the spirit?

People often laugh when I talk about the spirit as the essence of life, of existence, but really I find it sad that their life lacks the richness, grounding, creative wholesomeness and sheer pleasure of living that acknowledging the spirit gives us. Like in many ancient cultures across the globe, our ancestors saw the importance of spiritual development.

According to archeological finds, the average life span of a person from a thousand years ago was 35 years. Today it is over 70 years. That is the age of the physical body. The mentality remains that of adolescent children at the very best. Information is gathered and remembered, but I see no ripeness of spirit, no pride or responsibility in existing. I am certain that the people who lived a thousand years ago had a much higher mental age and spiritual maturity.

Realistically, a birthday should celebrate the growth of spirit and the approaching of the next life. I want to look forward to going to the next life. It's going to be a grand adventure, but I also know that on that journey I will face all those things that I brush under the carpet during my lifetime here. That will take courage and that can be got only through conditioning the spirit.

Spirit needs to mature. People, especially men need to have "tests" in life which set them up to feel a need to be constructive with their strength and power rather than destructive. Men need praise from the society for their endeavours, for their efforts to grow spiritually. Without praise from the society they see no point in pursuing something as intangible as a 'more realised self'.

Today, the main concern is factual knowledge, and even this is changing from knowing facts to knowing how to find the facts that you need at a particular time. By having that knowledge you may be rewarded with a job. No one is going to give you a job, an award or a sum of money because you spent three nights in the woods on your own and faced not only the wild beasts that inhibit this world, but also your inner demons which drove you to the edge of sanity. People don't spend time alone doing nothing at home, never mind going into the woods.

There was a time when every member of society had to stand up to the challenges of the rites of passage of spirit. Today it is only professional healers, individual practicioners and occasional nutters who take these things seriously, but despite feeling sadness for a lack of popularity in these matters, I am sure that this is the best way for things to be at the moment. The world has a wonderful way of taking care of itself and I trust it entirely. In the mean time I will do my little part to help it along.

December 30, 2011

The Magic of Death

Winter may be a quiet and meditative time, but it is also recognized as a festive season in a large part of the world present and ancient. As I mentioned in my previous commentary this is a time of death. And death means funeral.

Among the most magnificent sights I have witnessed have been funeral parties where two to six horses clad in finery have passed pulling an elaborately ornamented carriage with the coffin covered in flowers. Through smoke, cars and chaos they made their way, peaceful with the presence of death. I stood in the street and wept for people that I didn't know nor ever will, for the beauty of their passing touched my heart.

A funeral is a celebration of a life which has come full circle. Yes, it is sad because letting go of something can hurt very much. But without grieving it is impossible to move on and fully live and experience the new beginnings, the rebirth of the world which soon follows. Respectfully lay behind the past which has been outlived and celebrate in full glory the teachings and freedom it has given you because you are still here, alive and aware.

To be alive and aware you've got to die a little yourself. Death is like going to sleep and when we sleep, we dream. Dreaming is being present in another reality. Dream the same dream enough and it becomes your reality. Use this time of death and sleep to weave a new reality for yourself - one in which you want to be alive and aware in. Take the energy of celebration to power your dreams. Create in your mind that which you love and want to make more real. Let your thoughts live there instead of in worry, fear and doubt. Whatever you give power and feeling will become real. I promise you that.